Top DTH Service Provider in India – Compare & Review

Now as per the order of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting now Indian television is shifting from analog to digital system. This whole process will be done in four faces, and will be complete till March 31, 2015. The four metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are fully converted in digital cable system.  And now second phase is running the 38 cities will be shifted till March 31, 2013. So if you want to watch TV channel then you have to buy a Digital SET-TOP BOX. Your current cable operator can give you its own set top box. OR you can buy another one from DTH service provide. Here we are showing you the top DTH service providers in India.

1. Videocon D2H 

Videocon d2h is the one of best service provider in India. It give you the videocon d2h reviewhighest number of channel and regional channels.  And it also gives you highest number of True HD channels. The Videocon is one of the cheapest service provider. If there is a new channel than Videocon will add it very fast to its channel list.

2. Dish TV

Obviously Dish TV is Asia’s largest DTH service provider and going to the world’s dish-tvlargest service provider. Dish TV is the most common DTH in India. Dish TV is from ZEE group so all Zee channel will be available on dish TV. It has a very long list of channels. Now with Dish TV you can save you recording on external USB drive. Overall dish TV is a very nice choice if you choose it.


Tata sky is a tough competitor in the segment. TATA sky give you the best service tata sky reviewand you will not face any unwanted deduction or any hidden charges.  A-la carte prices are very low. But TATA sky is most expensive DTH provider in the list.

4. AIRTEL Digital TV

Airtel too gives you large number of airtel digital tv reviewchannel and second large number in True HD channel list. Channel packages are really nice, prices are quite fair. And the after sales service is pretty good.

5. Reliance Big TV

On Reliance Big TV you will get all the big tv reviewchannels in 1080p HD at 50Hz. The Reliance big TV is a low price option in DTH category. After sales service is not so good. Overall the Reliance Big TV is an average performer.

6. SUN Direct

Sun Direct TV is like focused on south sun direct reviewIndia.  It has a large numbers of south Indian regional language channels. If you are from south India and you want a DTH for south Indian channels than you should go for it. Otherwise rest of Indian language channels on sun direct are like you can count them on fingers so except south Indian we don’t recommend sun direct. 


26 thoughts on “Top DTH Service Provider in India – Compare & Review

    1. you can go for dish tv because in super gold pack for Rs.255. you will get ten cricket,ten sports,ten action,sony six neo prime,neo sports and DD sports. plus you will get india cricket pack in this you will automatically get the channel which is showing indian cricket team’s match.

    1. if you want south indian languages channels then you can go for sun direct DTH. but if you want hindi, english or indian languages then you should go for another DTH service in the list.

  1. Hey folks,kind request not to buy Airtel DTH,they give a lousy service,to start with they will take minimum 240 hrs. to give you your customer id and another 72 hrs to install and another 72 hrs to activate.In short if you buy Airtel DTH you will have to wait for 15 days to get DTH .This advise is very valuable for people who value time and money.

  2. I am using TATA SKY since Mar 2008, of late I came to know that they are charging me more as compared to a new subscriber.
    Should I change my operator or ask for a new connection from TATA SKY itself.

    1. if you are satisfied with tata sky than you can go for new connection. otherwise you should change your dth provider.

    2. Really speaking go for a change to some other service provider. Its a myth that TATA sky is is the best in service. I am the first among those who went for the DTH in mumbai now i feel the TATA sky is robbing. per visit they charge something around Rs. 170 just come and see and suggest change the settop box for that have to pay again that is too they say warranty is for one month. i have been charged even after i am a member of commeon dish in our societry. They make us scape goats after the monopoly. better leave them


  3. Hi
    I am looking for a English movies, English entertainment, Kannada and Tamil regional channels. Please advise the best provider who is also budget friendly.

  4. I required latest information about best d2h service provider in Bhubaneswar [Odisha] even in adverse weather conditions. Who is the most popular and economical d2h service provider in India ? Whose customer service is the No.1 ?

  5. Can I transfer recording from Dish TV to my laptop? What is quality of recording? What about Tata sky and Videocon dth. can i record watching other channel…like watching sony while recording ftv?

  6. go for videocon d2h it’s provide highest num of channels with minimum cost also provide highest number of true hd channel and after sales service is very good you can easily contact with customer care executive but it’s not possible in tata sky and other dth provider

  7. Are you kidding with this post. Airtel is pathetic when it comes to service & customer care. If it rains, the service goes for a toss. The customer care does not pick up phones. Rampant mis-selling by airtel. If you have low Blood pressure, buy Airtel. They will make sure you have hypertension within 3 months 😉

  8. i want to purchase dth service but i confuse that which provider is cheep and best for me? please replay me urgently as soon as possible

  9. I completely agree with Shobhit. Airtel is the worst ever. The service engineers are always money minded. They always make sure u pay them every month by their poor service. Customer care is not that bad if u contact from airtel mobile but they are not the ones who solve ur issue. Its the technical engineers who visit your house to solve the issue.

    Infact recently i got cheated by one engineer called sherif who said my lnb which was working fine is having probs and replaced with one old lnb he had and also charged me for it. I had so much respect for airtel but now im loosing my faith towards them :/

    Now im looking out for a better option. I would like to go for ala carte pack so someone guide me the best dth service. Also airtel reception was pathetic even during mild climatic changes. Which one should i go far? And im from south. So pls suggest something apart from sun dth.

  10. Guys simply go for dish tru hd packs. I am using dish tv for 1 and half year. The most important thing is service is so good that u dont need to call for customer care… and now in my new hd premier pack I am having 28 hd channels within them star tv, star gold, star world have been added recently along with all zee group hd channels. But only thing I am missing is espn and star cricket hd. But overall performance is good… another thing is more and more exclusive channels come with dish tv.

  11. I have used only Videocon D2h. I do not know about other one but vd2h is really good for those who need a fast service. They are really very good for your complain and also to pick up your phone. They have more channels in the basic package.

  12. Bakwas….Tata sky is the best service’s provide freedom choice of channel packs like make your own packs and its a brand of tata.

  13. I have used Dish TV. They have more channels in the basic package. it’s provide highest number of channels with minimum cost, so DISH TV is the best.

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